Director - Fariborz Kamkari
Script - Fariborz Kamkari, Doriana Leondeff
Camera - Fabio Zamarion
Music - Riz Ortolani
With - Carlo di Palma, Woody Allen, Ken Loach, Wim Wenders, Nikita Mikhalkov
Producers - Adriana Chiesa di Palma
Production - ACEK

Italian cinematographer Carlo Di Palma is profiled in this all-star documentary, produced with considerable love by his widow Adriana Chiesa, who travels the world collecting testimonials from surviving collaborators and longtime admirers. There’s no question that the late Di Palma – who developed his distinctive eye working with neo-realists like De Sica, Rossellini and Visconti before defining Michelangelo Antonioni’s style in the 60s and becoming Woody Allen’s constant collaborator for most of the 80s and 90s – deserves a feature-length examination.


Venice '16 – Nomination for Venezia Classici Award for Best Documentary on Cinema


  • 18.03.2017
    DOM NA KINOTO - 16.00 часа
  • 27.03.2017
    EURO CINEMA - 19.15 часа