Director - Timo von Gunten
Script - Julie Dray, Gilles Tschudi, Timo von Gunten
Camera - Daniel Alanis
Cast - Julie Dray, Gilles Tschudi, Dobromir Tonchev, Alex Cohen, Valeri Lekov
Producer - Timo von Gunten
Production - BMC Films
Triggered by the mysterious phenomena of the Voyageur spacecraft returning to Earth, Virginia discovers her deceased father on a night train. With him she undertakes a metaphysical journey through the land of Bulgaria, revealing an event in the past where her greatest grief had always been ignored. Virginia is confronted with the awakened corpse of her father in a dramatic and playful manner, bringing back the themes of transience, eternity and loss. As her father regains joy feeling alive, he conducts a musical masterpiece recorded on the Voyager’s golden record, recreating for Virginia the bridge between life and death.


  • 18.03.2017
  • 19.03.2017
    ”LUMIERE LIDL” CINEMA - 14.00 часа
  • 10.03.2017
    CINEMA ODEON - 18.30 часа