Director - Vasil Goranov
Script - Vasil Goranov, Katya Goranova, Plamen Panayotov
Camera - Vasil Goranov
Music - Kaloyan Ivanov
Cast - Plamen Panayotov, Ivan Draganovic, Radoslav Krastev
Producers - Katya Goranova, Vasil Goranov

Dr. Cosmos (psychiatrist) finds out the only way to help his patient Feferoni is by helping him make films. Thus, both of them go to Italy to film a music festival, specially organized for the Italian psychiatric patients. Later on, more patients become passionate about film-making, so Dr. Cosmos creates a crazy film festival, where he projects short films about iVan Gogh, saving the world, retired dancing party, the road to Camino, and more… This way Dr. Cosmos discovers the pretty side of the craziness and the healing force of art.

“When I was in Sofia I was told that I want to be a friend with the actors and that's my real problem. They said I must be strictly professional with the crew. My philosophy is just the opposite – I know that cinema is a great art, because it's bringing together everyone on the film set and in the movie theater. We can find the real magic of cinema and life in friendship.”

Vasil Goranov for


  • 13.03.2017
    ”LUMIERE LIDL” CINEMA - 16.30 часа