Director - Nikolay Volev
Script - Nikolay Volev
Camera - Orlin Ruevski
Cast - Deyan Donkov, Saly Ibrahim, Anya Pencheva
Producer - Nikolay Volev
Production - Nikothea Film
Stephen, a once famous playwright, aided by his soul mate Bisho, a battered off-road Jeep, seeks long-lost inspiration in the breathtaking wilderness of Bulgaria’s mountains. On one of their expeditions, the playwright bumps into a curious Gypsy girl on the verge of womanhood. Their accidental encounter grows into a platonic relationship, with the sexuality accelerating strikingly close to the razors edge. This liaison is causing much pain to Stephen’s devoted actress wife, Lydia.


  • 11.03.2017
    NDK – HALL 1 - 20.00 часа