Director - Marie Noëlle
Script - Marie Noëlle, Andrea Stoll
Camera - Michal Englert
Music - Bruno Coulais
Cast - Karolina Gruszka, Arieh Worthalter, Charles Berling, Iza Kuna, André Wilms, Malik Zidi, Daniel Olbrychski
Producers - Marie Noëlle, Mikolaj Pokromski, Ralf Zimmermann
Production - P’Artisan Filmproduktion, Pokromski Studio, Glory Film

The most turbulent years in the life of a genius woman: between 1905, when Marie Curie comes with Pierre Curie to Stockholm to be awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of radioactivity, and 1911, when she receives her second Nobel Prize, after challenging France’s male-dominated academic establishment both as a scientist and a woman.

I really admire Marie Curie and her free spirit. She didn’t care about any kind of conventions in that period. Marie Curie always focused on the issues that she considered important for her, and by doing so, she remained true to herself. We can all learn something from her. It is amazing that she had the courage to do so, especially in a period when everything was much more difficult.

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