Director - Valentina Esposito
Script - Valentina Esposito
Camera - Luca Nervegna
With - Alessandro Bernandini, Giancarlo Porcacchia, Romolo Napolitano, Mateo Cateni, Sandro Verzili, Pippo Delbono
Producers - Maurizio Albano, Riccardo Neri
Production - Lupin Film, SimnFilm

Article 27 of the Italian Constitution states that the sentence of imprisonment has a precise function of inestimable social value: to support and accompany detainees in a process of re-education and rehabilitation that should enable them, after serving their sentence, to reintegrate socially and professionally in modern society.
However society knows very little about this process, and a convict’s arduous path, from his sentence to his release, is still conditioned by a vision of prison as a confined space simply used as punishment.


  • 20.03.2017
    DNA SPACE - 20.30 часа