Director - Philip John
Script - Raymond Friel, Derek Boyle
Camera - Alasdair Walker
Music - Anton Newcombe
Cast - Jack Parry Jones, Christy O'Donnel, Tara Lee, Kate Bracken
Producer - Kathy Speirs
Production - Ripple World Pictures, Up Helly Aa Films

An anarchic, funny, sexy coming-of-age movie, following two teenage step brothers - Michael (Jack Parry Jones) and Thor (Christy O’Donnell) - on a road trip across Scotland & the enigmatic Caitlin (Tara Lee) who comes between them.

The producer called, asking me to read the script. But there was something great about the two characters – two step-brothers – who are in opposition. They reminded me of two versions of myself when I was that age. I responded to both Thor, who is really into his music, and Michael, who is just completely hopeless. The story was basically about the two of them going to Glasgow to win a girlfriend back, and that's a non-story. Then I realised that we needed a female protagonist who changes their lives. A lot of material came from my teenage years and the love triangle I was part of with my best mate and the girl we both fell in love with.“

Philip John for

The film manages to tread a fine line between comedy - it is often very, very funny and moments in which it is genuinely emotionally affecting, particularly towards the end. Moon Dogs combines the listlessness of youth, a rebellious spirit and a perpetual teenaged horniness which makes it an obvious comparison with a film like Y Tu Mamá También.“

Robert Munro, Eye for Film


Mannheim-Heidelberg '16 – Audience Award Galway '16 – Best International First Feature BAFTA Scotland '16 – Nomination for Best Feature Film


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