Director - Andrés Lübbert
Script - Andrés Lübbert
Camera - David Bravo
Music - Alejandro Rivas Cottle
With - Jorge Lübbert, Javier Rebolledo, Orlando Lübbert, Marie-Hélène Deploige, Roberto Welzel, Federico Lübbert, José Díaz
Producer - Eric Goossens, Frederik Nicolai
Production - OFF WORLD
At the age of 21, Jorge fell victim to a special department of Chile’s secret service. They considered him an ideal guinea pig for their most sophisticated experiment, combining espionage techniques and weapon handling with refined manipulation and torture, in order to turn him into one of their secret agents. But he manages to escape and flees to East Berlin. Jorge is my father. He was never able to speak about his past. He is 60 now and a respected war zone cameraman, operating in most of the world’s conflict areas. He can keep his cool in extreme situations. His closed personality dominated my life and created a strange and distant relationship. Only recently he accepted my questioning and together we confront the ghosts of the past.
Andrés Lübbert


  • 10.03.2017
    DOM NA KINOTO - 18.30 часа
  • 11.03.2017
    EURO CINEMA - 18.00 часа