Director - Guy Davidi
Script - Guy Davidi
Camera - Guy Davidi
Music - Noa Kornberg
With - Amir Orian
Producers - Anna Somershaf, Kristian Mosvold
Production - Guy DVD Films
Amir Orian had everything an actor could ever dream of: leading roles in the biggest Israeli theaters and movies; successful TV shows and achieved major cultural influence as a prominent theater critic. And yet, in 1985, he decided to leave it all behind and create his own experimental theater in the house where he grew up. He called it "The Room Theater". His talent as an actor translated to great talent as an instructor and some of the most successful actors in Israel started their career in his acting studio.
The year begins as a group of young actors comes to study Amir's unique method. Amir inspires the actors to explore personal experiences and express them on stage. The harsh and complex reality seeps into the small room when the Israeli attack on Gaza breaks out in December 2008. Hundreds of Palestinians are bombed by an immense airstrike; the public response to 'Operation Cast Lead' destabilizes the deep relationships in "The Room", jeopardizing the continuation of the acting school. However, anger, sadness, and frustration are powerful emotions and Amir encourages the students to use them in their acting. Mixed Feelings shows the ability of emotional expression to create social and political change.


Tel Aviv '16 – Best Documentary


  • 14.03.2017
    GOETHE-INSTITUT - 18.00 часа