Director - Rahul Jain
Script - Rahul Jain
Camera - Rodrigo Trejo Villanueva
Producers - Rahul Jain, Thanassis Karathanos, Iikka Vehkalahti
Production - Jann Pictures, Pallas Film, IV Films
Moving through the corridors and bowels of an enormous and disorientating structure, the camera takes the viewer on a descent down to a dehumanized place of physical labor and intense hardship. This gigantic textile factory in Gujarat, India might just as well be the decorum for a 21st century Dante’s Inferno. In his mind-provoking yet intimate portrayal, director Rahul Jain observes the life of the workers, the suffering and the environment they can hardly escape from. With strong visual language, memorable images and carefully selected interviews of the workers themselves, Jain tells a story of inequality, oppression and the huge divide between rich, poor and the perspectives of both.


  • 24.03.2017
    DOM NA KINOTO - 16.30 часа
  • 15.03.2017