Director - Boyan Papazov
Script - Rumyanka Emanuilidu, Boyan Papazov
Camera - Ivan Tonev
Producer - Ivan Tonev
Production - ARS Digital Studio

The theatre director Yuliya Ognyanova (1923–2016) is a phenomenon in our culture. Her ex-husband Vili Tsankov, who is also a director and knew her better than anyone else, says: “She didn't want anything for her suffering! She didn't want anything for her talent! Why? You feel sorry for her, but you are a little bit afraid of her. You hate her, because such people like her carry an unclear accusation. Accusation for our sins. It's like they never accuse us, but they do. On the other side, she is fragile and you can smash her whenever you want”. Forget About This Name is a film about the thugs, the censors, the clowns, “the children” of Yuliya Ognyanova. Her “children” are now the face of the Bulgarian theatre.


  • 22.03.2017
    DOM NA KINOTO - 20.00 часа