Director - Nae Caranfil
Script - Nae Caranfil
Camera - Vivi Dragan Vasile
Music - Nae Caranfil
With - Laurentiu Bãnescu, Maria Obretin, Teodor Corban
Producer - Mobra film Srl., KORUND-X Ltd., CINEMA-FILM Foldrenges Kft
Production - Mobra film Srl., KORUND-X Ltd., CINEMA-FILM Foldrenges Kft
Morning. One small earthquake panicked Bucharest, while everyone is waiting for a disastrous one. On radio and TV they are showing experts' opinions and awful dark archive footage from 1977. On the same day, Tony, an actor, and his wife Kity, an interior designer, move to their new apartment in an old building at the city center. Buying this apartment was a great luck because of its low price, but at the same time it was a misfortune, because of the first degree of the building's seismic risk... Tony is no longer young, his marriage is a trap, and his career – it's mediocre.
One day his long absent father Daddy comes to his new apartment. He is an ex-pilot who once left his home. He is the antipode of Tony – a hedonist, an epicurian. Daddy invades Tony's home little by little. From this moment Tony must solve some serious problems and dilemmas.


  • 10.03.2017
    CINEMA ODEON - 20.30 часа
  • 14.03.2017
    EURO CINEMA - 18.00 часа