Director - Călin Peter Netzer
Script - Călin Peter Netzer, Cezar Paul-Bădescu
Camera - Andrei Butică
Cast - Mircea Postelnicu, Diana Cavallioti, Carmen Tănase, Vasile Muraru, Adrian Titieni, Tania Popa, Igor Caras-Romanov, Ionuţ Caras, Ioana Flora, Vlad Ivanov
Producers - Călin Peter Netzer, Jonas Katzenstein, Maximilian Leo, Oana Kelemen, Michel Zana
Production - Parada Film

Ana, mon amour is the story of Ana and Toma and the thread of Ana’s mental illness, which runs through their relationship – their extremely challenging situation molds the life they share: it exposes and reinforces the common dynamics between people who want to be there for each other. It envelopes the couple in co-dependency, and gradually destroys their partnership from the inside out.


Berlin '17- Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution


  • 14.03.2017
    ”LUMIERE LIDL” CINEMA - 13.00 часа
  • 12.03.2017
    CINEMA ODEON - 20.30 часа