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IGGY POP through JARMUSCH's eyes, Irish MUSICAL with songs from the 80's, LAIBACH's film concert in NORTH KOREA - choose all these films and you won't regret that!

The cult personas Jim Jarmusch and Iggy Pop are old friends. Surely this is one of the reasons one of the most unconventional filmmakers to tackle the story of the legendary band "The Stooges" and present provocative film in the program of Cannes 2016 - out of the competition, which involved another Jarmusch's film "Patterson". "Gimme Danger" (2016) reveales the history of proto-punk band from Detroit, and James Newell Osterberg, Jr. is the narrator himself - unpredictable and dangerous, exciting and enigmatic Iggy Pop. Anticipated and curious interviews with the band members in combination with archival concert footage, amusing visual references and original animation of James Kerr - these are the elements from which Jarmusch prepares tempting delicacy for all Cinema-Melo-Fans. Alive is not only the memory but also the spirit of the time, and the cult towards Iggy Pop and "The Stooges" is transmitted from generation to generation ...

We know John Carney as a skilled writer and filmmaker in love with the movies dedicated to the music ("Once", "Begin Again") - that is why we are sure the public on the 21st SIFF should see his new film "Sing Street" (2016). The story follows a boy growing up in Dublin in the '80s, who decided to form a musical group for the most important possible reason - he just wants to impress the girl he likes! Irish director dedicates his film to "all the brothers in the world," as it is the older brother (Jack Raynor) of our young performer (Ferdi Walsh-pilot) who provides guidance for the young man with his musical advises. The original songs are in the style of the '80s, performed by young actor in the title role, combined with vintage pieces by "The Clash", "The Cure", "Duran Duran", "Spandau Ballet" and they recreate in a unique way the power of music - created from the heart to bind hearts and the souls of the musicians  can just fly - free as a bird... Few films are ever as fun, charming, and also a teenage musical masterpieces - "Sing Street" deserves all its accolades and awards nominations!

"Liberation Day" (2016) is an extraordinary documentary - due to the very fact that the North Korean government in general has given permission for the concert of famous Slovenian band LAIBACH.

Norwegian painter and theatrical director Morten Traavik works with zeal and perseverance on this unique documentary look at the first officially permitted Laibach's concert in Pyongyang. Known for his provocative artistic projects with important political details, which occasionally cause earthquakes in Norwegian society, Morten Traavik managed to capture this unique concert in totalitarian North Korea. Traavik was offered to stage the show in Pyongyang, then with his Latvian counterpart director Ugis Olte created the movie "Liberation Day". The premiere of the production, created as a joint project of Latvia, Norway, North Korea and Slovenia, was at the end of last year, in the program of the international documentary film festival in Amsterdam (IDFA); the film was shown with great success also at the film festival in Trieste.
"Liberation Day" begins with a brief introduction to the history, philosophy and political messages of Laibach, then the audience is transported to Pyongyang to witness an unusual concert that took place on the edge between two totally different cultures - both shocking and comic piece of documentary, combining serious and tragic tone...


„It’s only Rock ‘n Roll but WE like it”!

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