ROOM by Lenny Abrahamson - in the GRAND PRIZES section of the 20th Sofia International Film Festival

One of the best films of 2015 according to many critics around the world is ROOM by Lenny Abrahamson. And it’s no coincidence yesterday the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced its nomination for an OSCAR in four categories: best adapted screenplay (Emma Donoghue based on her novel), best actress (the wonderful Brie Larson who won a Golden Globe two days ago), best film and best director.

The winner of the audience award from festivals in Toronto and Warsaw ROOM has more than 50 awards and nearly 100 nominations within the last three months of 2015!

Sofia audiences already are familiar with Lenny Abrahamson’s work since 2005 when his film "Adam and Paul" received the SOFIA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL’s grand prize. Don’t forget there are debut films in the festival’s competition program – we’re very happy the talented Irish director’s rise to world fame began in Sofia!

In "ROOM" Abrahamson imperceptibly creates a cinematic image fit for Donoghue’s work, he turns it into a thrilling, honest and challenging film. The film stars the exceptional Brie Larson and young debutant Jacob Tremblay as Ma and her boy who have to adapt to the outside world after years of being closed in. The drastic shift in their life is told through the eyes of the 5-year-old boy it a way that doesn’t let the audience take their eyes off the screen for a moment. Emma Donoghue, whose novel is read with the same passion and suspense, has worked on the film script personally. "ROOM" is one of 2015’s most powerful films – it is a MUST!

САМО през МАРТ - на юбилейния 20-и София Филм Фест!