One different prom night… at 21-st Sofia Film Fest

The new Atanas Hristoskov’s movie „18” will be screened for the first time for the Sofia audience at the 21-st International Sofia Film Fest. The picture that was presented at the Bulgarian Feature Film Festival “Golden Rose” last year tells the story of four classmates who run away from the noise and vanity of their prom and set out for an adventurous journey marked by many dangerous turns and love passions.                     

“What makes the youngsters interesting characters is the fact they undergo changes in more dynamic way than adults.  That kind of change occurs in “18”. The prom night is a wild party event. For the protagonists though it is a moment of growth and self-awareness”. This is how the director motivates the choice of the theme. Then he adds: “Those are people who by one click discover everything about the surrounding world but are left with a big question mark about the world in themselves.” 

Atanas likes to work with young actors.  He gives the roles to Milena Ermenkova, Martin Dimitrov, Desislava Kasabova and Teodor Hristov. The cinematographer is Martin Balkanski and the music is composed by Georgi Strezov. 

Atanas Hristoskov won the 2011 Golden Rose for Best feature Bulgarian film, - „№ 1”. „Both films are similar at their core  - they tell about young people in search of themselves. However, while “№ 1” is a movie of outward action, “18” is more about the inner life of the characters and is much more introspective”, explains Hristoskov. 

It took four years to shoot the “18” and this time span reveals the director’s own growth as well. The film was shot in Sofia at night presented in a specific way – with lights and reflections of the wet streets, with the sounds of drums and car horns of the graduates…  

The special premier screening of the film in Sofia is scheduled for March 13 at 18.30, at “Lumiere” Cinema theatre.