“Memories of Fear” – memories of the past


Ivan Pavlov’s “Memories of Fear” includes episodes that were not allowed to be shot in his movie “Mass Miracle” based on the 1980 Konstantin Pavlov’s script. 

„1968. Burnt book. Ruined life. Humiliation that cannot be forgiven. Traumas that cannot be forgotten. Small “rebellions” and small “betrayals”. A puzzle of many human fates in which the small “no’s” turn into a big “yes”…  

“The film follows the uniform life of radically different characters. This is a poetic movie satire, which does not fit into any of the conventional patterns. The sluggish timelessness,  the life as it happens, is an old, though notnostalgic but rather a critical memory. A colourless and soundless atmosphere engulfs a mosaic of life stories controlled by coppers. The colour is in the flags, the emblems and the placards. The air of those 45 years under communism has been captured with extreme precision and though enough was allegedly enough, that period is still determining our lives.
(Rosen Spasov, ArtStudies.bg)  

The director submits that “Memories of Fear” is a condensed form of the reality in 1968. It is marked by hyperbolism because the life’s essence is a grotesque. The film’s intention is to be a confession, an image of moral pain, not a social reaction.  “We thought (or deceived ourselves) that films we were making had a value, which was giving us self-confidence. But at what point exactly the conformity was turning itself from self-preservation into guilt?” – asks rhetorically Ivan Pavlov.  

“Memories of Fear” has been awarded with the Critic’s Special Award at “Golden Rose”, Varna, 2016. The scriptwriter is Krasimir Krumov – Gretz, music composer – Bojidar Petkov, cameraperson – Svetla Ganeva-Kuleva. Cast includes such well-loved Bulgarian actors as: Ivaylo Hristov, Ovanes Torosyan, Stefan Mavrodiev,  Atanas Atanasov, Stefka Yanorova, Krastyo Lafazanov, Valentin Tanev,  Malin Krastev etc. 

The filmography of the director Ivan Pavlov includes “Fate as a Rat” (2001), “From a Scratch” (1996), “Hanging with an Angel” (1990), “Black & White” (1984), “Mass Miracle” (1981). As an actor he acts in number of films, like: “Wagner” (1998), “Mera spored mera” (1981 and 1988), „Istoriia s kuche bez kuche”  (1987).

“Anyone who likes the movie – commits an error. Anyone who does not like the movie – commits an error too.  As of now, even I am not sure whether the film is good or bad. I will check that in 20 years and then I will tell you what I think about the movie.” 

Ivan Pavlov 

The Sofia Festival premiere of “Memories of Fear” is scheduled for March 15 at “Lumiere” cinema theatre.